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“Late Night Taxi Dancer 2020”

Out 11/12/20 



         NEW SINGLE “Late Night Taxi Dancer 2020”


Late Night Taxi Dancer 2020 PRE-ORDER 


27th November, 2020 (London, UK):  Today we announce the release of “Late Night Taxi Dancer 2020” an unforgettable classic Peter Straker track which has been wonderfully revisited, remixed and re-tooled in an all new exciting radio-friendly 2020 version presenting a melodic, clubby, electro synth-pop stylings celebrating Peter Straker’s association with Erasure’s lead singer in his acclaimed ‘Andy Bell is Torsten’ theatre-pop side-project.  The original 1979 single version is included in the download package alongside four further all-new remixes. Peter Straker says, “I always felt this track, with its focus on dance clubs and nighttime fun had the potential to have its emotive storyline re-imagined as an upbeat, danceable pop number. Im thrilled to bring this track bang up to date in an all-new 2020 recording and to flirt, for the first time ever, with the synth-pop sound Ive always admired my erstwhile theatrical co-star Andy Bell for having mastered so brilliantly! So, its a completely new take on a great song and remembrances of happy times. Cant beat a good song!”


Originally featured on Peter Straker’s 1980 album ‘Real Natural Man’, co-produced by Reinhold Mack of Queen fame at the famous Mountain Studios in Montreux and released, back then, on Elton John’s ‘Rocket Records’ imprint, ‘Late Night Taxi Dancer’ is the intriguing tale of a real life taxi-dancer; but what exactly is a ‘taxi dancer’?  Producer/Songwriter Mike Allison explains, “Taxi dancers first appeared in American dance halls in the early 20th Century. They were employed by the venues to dance with the patrons and, thus, encourage them to stay longer and drink more!  Usually, a ticket system was deployed with each dance costing 10 cents or so. But, ‘taxi dancers’ still exist today; they are often professional dancers or dance teachers who invite and enable shy or less able dancers to enjoy and participate in the experience and, perhaps, to join their classes!”


Digital single tracklisting 

  • Late Night Taxi Dancer 2020 (Radio Edit)
  • Late Night Taxi Dancer 2020 (Full Length Version)
  • Late Night Taxi Dancer 2020 (Mini-Cab Remix)
  • Late Night Taxi Dancer 2020 (Maxi-Taxi Remix)
  • Late Night Taxi Dancer (Original ’79 Single)


Late Night Taxi Dancer is featured on the Peter Straker 3 – disc, 3 – album compilation box set ‘This One’s On Me’ available from Cherry Red Records. This set contains his most famous cabaret-rock albums from 1977 to 1980 including ‘This One’s On Me’ co-produced with Peter’s best-friend Freddie Mercury, ‘The Changeling’ produced by Tim Friese-Greene (Talk Talk) and ‘Real Natural Man’ co-produced by stellar Queen producer Reinhold Mack.


Peter Straker will be available for interviews upon request.


For Press enquiries please contact: Matt Ingham, Cherry Red Records


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